The FREEDOM to FOCUS on the big picture

At exlworx we believe in giving back to you the freedom to focus on your next big idea - the next growth trajectory for your business, while we take care of your brand and marketing communication, core information technology needs, provide sharp market and consumer insights, using the latest advancements in analytics, to help you achieve your next growth step. We do this, not as faceless vendors, but as partners to your growth story!



We are a boutique services firm with rich experience in providing high-value, high-impact Brand/Marketing and Technology Communication, Digital Brand Outreach Programs and Strategies, Information Technology driven tools from Mobile Apps to high-end ecommerce portals and Knowledge driven services in the Analytics, Training and Education domains. We bring to the table an electical mix of services with the core based around Technology - the growth engine for businesses today.

Why Us

  • We are among a small handful of firms that brings knowledge driven consulting, communication design and technology into a single framework
  • A strong sense of openness and integrity drives all that we do. Our focus on 'Customer Experience' and 'Innovation' differentiates us from our competitors
  • While we are hungry for growth and hate taking shortcuts. We believe our growth is intrinsically linked to our client's growth
  • We talk less and listen more. We like our work and integrity to speak for us
  • Our team comprises of highly talented individuals and has been recognised by independent ranking agencies for its Academic Delivery System Design and use of Technology in Education


Your customer doesn't care how much you know until they know how much you care. ~ Damon Richards

Communication and Outreach

Effective communication is not always about jazzy language and shiny is how well one relates to what customers want...

Information Technology

Investing in the right information technology tools calls for a deep understanding of current and future business and growth aspirations...

Business Intelligence

The ability to stay ahead of the competition curve calls for business strategies to evolve from delving into the rich insights that data offers...

Knowledge Consulting

The current education system must bring innovation and creativity into and outside the classroom to create deeply entrenched brands...


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