Business Intelligence

Surviving in today's highly competitive business landscape is no longer a game of the 'fittest' but those who are nimble and the 'brightest'. The ability to make better decisions and arrive at winning strategies can no longer be based on intuition and experience, but on 'data' - that which is generated by the business and market data im terms of competition, business environment etc. The right analytics technology and the right partner can help you turn your 'raw data' into highly actionable intelligence enabling you to make sound business decisions based on analytics that provides accurate, current and comprehensive information. Exlworx helps bring to businesses, irrespective of size, the power of Analytics without having to make exorbitant investments. We provide cost effective, tailor-made services based on studying an organization's need for investing in Analytics while ensuring healthy ROI.

Market Analytics

How often do we end up blaming the marketing department for a product that fails to take-off or how well do we know the preferences and buying traits of our most high paying customers (if we have identified them that is!). Most often than not marketers feel the majority of heat from upper management to be more data-driven and move away from making impression based observations. Marketing Analytics provide rich and often surprising insights from multi-channel data sources to help marketers make informed and accurate decisions based on granular data to achieve the ultimate goal - driving conversions and social media conversations. Understanding the underlying data behind consumer behaviour and how they interact with your product or service is key to making informed decisions...

Predictive Analytics

Right from helping demystifying analytics for business owners and users to deploying well tested methodologies for assessing collecting, classifying and establishing key priority data, we help businesses derive meaningful and actionable insights from data. Our team of highly qualified data scientists help businesses answer key questions like How much will a given 'customer' be likely to buy an organization's product/service, over a period of time, OR How sharp is an organization's product recommendation capability, etc. Predictive Analytics help identify the most likely set of activities to yeild stronger revenue growth, proactively identifying business risks, deriving actionable risk mitigation strategies, perform in-depth analysis of existing cost-structures to achieve stronger bottomlines...

Healthcare Analytics

The healthcare industry has historically generated vast amounts of data. With rapid data digitization it is now possible to unlock the huge wealth of information using structured analysis. Deriving structured Data Models helps healthcare organisations deliver better patient care, saves lives and helps reduce costs. Starting with analysing patient characteristics and the cost and outcomes of care to identify the most clinically and cost effective treatments and offer analysis and tools, thereby influencing provider behaviour to applying advanced analytical models to patient to proactively identify individuals who would benefit from preventative care or lifestyle changes to possibilities are endless. Everyone from multi-provider groups to large hospital networks stand to benefit enormously from mining into real-time data...

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