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Communications and Branding

From developing strong brand visuals and underlying key messages to developing compelling communication strategies to helping create compelling and engaging brand communications - our team partners you in strategically positioning products and/or services that stresses on the organization's Unique Value Proposition (USPs) and how the organisation want's to be perceived in the market.


At Exlworx we strongly believe in the power of form (visual) and function (copy) to work in tandem to create compelling marketing communications. We mate effective communications with creativity that engages, is persuasive and visually relevant – giving content a life of its own. We are equally well-versed in digital and print productions ranging from brochures, presentations to websites and more.

digital marketing
Digital Marketing and Brand Outreach

Our Digital Outreach services help customers gain meaningful insights into the rapidly evolving dynamics of a digital world. Our services span the entire breath of the digital domain, from result driven Search Engine Optimization (SEO) service, to strategically targeted Search Engine Marketing (SEM) campaigns that ensures customers find you when they need you the most! Our approach to Social Media Marketing (SMM) help create meaningful, value-based conversations, is based on listening to what your audience have to say - helping fuel brand advocacy and customer relationships.

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Tutorial Videos and Digital Instructional Material

While we understand the effort and investment that went into creating your product it is also important that your client gets familiar with and up and running with the product in the shortest possible time. With our fundamentals grounded in technology we can help build video based tutorials to drastically bring down the learning curve for your product helping notching up on productivity and efficiency parameters.
We also help create video based instructional material to help your audience familiarize themselves across domains.

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