Bringing 'Creativity' and 'Innovation' in education

The existing education system is today stretched at its seams burdened with a large influx of students, shortage of good teachers and faculty and the inability of providing individual attention to learners. The 'factory-approach' to education coupled with an acute lack of standardisation in learning dissemination systems have resulted in creating large pools of 'un-employable youth' - youth who lack the ability to apply knowledge in a real-life scenario, have poor communication and team-working skills apart from being plauged by a host of other behavioural and high-order learning skills issues.

To effectively compete and drive changes, progressive institutions must (sooner than later), shift from the traditional form of instructor led instructions that give little or no importance to an individual student's interest or learning, to a student led learning environment. Students must be brought back to the 'center' of learning - a system that brings back 'creativity' and 'fun' in learning thus equipping learners with the expertise of applying real-life knowledge into real-time practice, led by teachers acting as mentors and facilitators.


Student Centered Learning and Assessment Framework (SCLAF)

Exlworx's Student Centered Learning and Assessment Framework (SCLAF), an out-of-the-box student centered Knowledge and Skill Development System (LKDS) brings together best of breed pedagogic systems - one that takes into account the hetrogenity in learners, best practices in instructional design strategies, peer based learning systems, student mentoring systems etc., all enabled through an innovative use of technology. SCLAF ensures high degrees of standardisation in the learning dissemination and assessment system, ensuring meeting of carefully designed student outcomes.

We partner with Institutions and Learning Centers in helping deploy technology driven learning systems, institute custom pedagogic and assessment practices, implement best-in-breed instructional design practices helping create a mentor driven student centric academic delivery system.

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