We help Enterprises and SME businesses harness the rapid advancements in information technology to outsmart their competition. In a recent study by Boston Consulting Group (BCG) of 4,000 SME's across the United States, Germany, China, India and Brazil, the leaders in technology adoption from 2010 through 2012 across all industry sectors created jobs twice as faster than their competition. In the same breath, business leaders, in technology adoption fueled their annual revenues 15 percentage points faster than their counterparts.

enterprise applications
Enterprise Applications

We help bring to you the power of Web driven applications that uses the latest technologies like HTML5 and advanced Javascript frameworks to deliver 'Desktop-Like' applications that have way faster response times while using far less amounts of bandwidth, sporting clutter free, intuitive, user experience centered interfaces that moves away from the traditional malaise of concentrating on function over form.

Cloud Aware Applications

We offer an extensive range of services and solutions that allows your apps to leverage the advantages of the rapid developments in cloud computing. We help enterprises leverage their existing investments in infrastructure to deploy Private Cloud services and applications. We also help partner with enterprises for turnkey SaaS Application or Product development or migrating their Web 2.0 applications to true elastic Cloud based applications.

mobile applications
Mobile Applications

Getting your Enterprise to ride the mobile revolution is today a business imperative. The latest marketing analytics data for mobile apps have identified a 4x increase in the use of Mobile apps with nearly 60 percent business owners choosing to use their smartphone over desktops/laptops for gleaning information on products and pricings.

SEM Toolkit

Our SME Toolkit has been tailor-made keeping the unique needs and requirements of Small and Medium Enterprises. We bring together a unique combination of Open Source Applications, Tools and Frameworks and commercially tried and tested technologies to deliver robust technology appliances that grow as the SME's business grows.

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